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Kosice, nestled at the foot of the Tatra Mountain Range in the picturesque south- east of Slovakia, is attracting more and more international students every year. Its modern university campuses offer studies in General Medicine, Dental Medicine and Veterinary Science and are uniquely positioned within the bustling city of Kosice. Once an important trade centre of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, its eighteenth century heritage buildings line the 2 kilometre pedestrian precinct with its many cafes and restaurants right in the heart of the city centre . Standing proudly is the gothic cathedral of Saint Elisabeth in the once cultural capital of Europe. Kosice is also proud to boast the fourth highest ranking Veterinary University in Europe with a broad base of international students from Norway, the U.K ,the USA, Greece , Germany, Sweden, Spain and many more countries creating a truly international environment.

Many students choose to study at Kosice due to its international environment and high academic standards attracting more than 1,000 applications every year. TOMI SCHOOL is proud to be a contracted school of the universities successfully facilitating our students needs for over 12 years.

We are proud of our graduates who have moved on to successful careers.


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