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Study Veterinary Medicine in Slovakia   University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy Kosice



Slovakia, officially the Slovak Republic, is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It is bordered by Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east, Hungary to the south, Austria to the west, and the Czech Republic to the northwest. Slovakia's territory spans approximately 49,000 square kilometres (19,000 sq mi) and is predominantly mountainous. The population is over 5.4 million and consists mostly of Slovaks. The capital and largest city is Bratislava, and the second largest city is Košice. The official language is Slovak. Slovakia joined the European Union and NATO in 2004 and the Eurozone in 2009.​


Košice (Slovak pronunciation: [ˈkɔʃitsɛ]) is the largest city in eastern Slovakia and in 2013 was the European Capital of Culture (together with Marseille, France). It is situated on the river Hornád at the eastern reaches of the Slovak Ore Mountains, near the border with Hungary. With a population of approximately 240,000, Košice is the second largest city in Slovakia after the capital Bratislava.

Being the economic and cultural centre of eastern Slovakia, Košice is the seat of the Košice Region and Košice Self-governing Region, the Slovak Constitutional Court, three universities, various dioceses, and many museums, galleries, and theatres. Košice is an important industrial centre of Slovakia, and the U.S. Steel Košice steel mill is the largest employer in the city. The town has extensive railway connections and an international airport.

The city has a well-preserved historical centre, which is the largest among Slovak towns. There are many heritage protected buildings in GothicRenaissanceBaroque, and Art Nouveau styles with Slovakia's largest church: the St. Elisabeth Cathedral. The long main street, rimmed with aristocratic palaces, Catholic churches, and townsfolk's houses, is a thriving pedestrian zone with many boutiques, cafés, and restaurants. The city is well known as the first settlement in Europe to be granted its own coat-of-arms.

Our Mission

University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy Kosice

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The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice (UVMP in Košice), established as the Veterinary College in Košice, is the sole university for veterinary education in the Slovak Republic, which is provided both to domestic and foreign students, and one of the two universities offering education in pharmacy.


The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice was established by an Act of the Slovak National Council on 16 December 1949 as the Veterinary College in Košice, though it began its teaching activities with its first lecture on 5 October 1949. Its founding was the culmination of many years of effort aimed at establishing a school of veterinary medicine in Slovakia, since before then those interested in such study had to go abroad, in particular to the veterinary university in Brno, and after its closure during the Second World War, to Vienna. In the post-war period the raising of agricultural animals was threatened by dangerous contagions, and the concentration of animals for collective breeding complicated the situation even further; thus the need for a veterinary school in Slovakia grew such that the foundation of such an institution in Košice became a reality.


In 1952 by government resolution, the Veterinary College in Košice lost its independence, when it was attached as a veterinary faculty to the Agricultural University in Nitra. Efforts to return it to independence finally succeeded by ratification of a law in 1968, and from the start of the 1969/1970 academic year, it again became an independent university. This was reflected in the change of the school’s name in 1992, when the Veterinary College in Košice was renamed as the University of Veterinary Medicine in Košice. With the introduction of a new study programme in pharmacy in the 2006/2007 academic year, the university requested another name change, and as of 15 January 2010 it bears a new name: the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice.


These changes were accompanied by a change in the university logo. The new logo retained the form and the colours of the original logo of the Veterinary College in Košice consisting of a bevelled letter “V” and the Staff of Asclepius with a serpent coiled around it. In 2008, its shape became circular with the name of the university on the circumference of the circle. The new study programme which had induced the name change was referred to by adding a pair of scales and supplementing the name of the university in the existing logo.


UVMP in Košice is a one faculty university providing undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate veterinary education and pharmaceutical education.


Rectors of the university for the past period were Prof. Rudolf Cabadaj, DVM., Ph.D. (1992 – 1997), Prof. Dušan Magic, DVM., Ph.D. (1997 - 2000), Prof. Rudolf Cabadaj, DVM. Ph.D. (2000 - 2007) and Prof. Emil Pilipčinec, DVM., Ph.D. (2007 - 2015). Since February 1st 2015 Prof. Jana Mojžišová, DVM. Ph.D., Dr.h.c. is rector of UVMP.


Veterinary Medicine


Duration of Studies: 6 YEARS 

Annual tuition fee : 8,000 EUROS

Entrance Examination : Biology, Chemistry

Comprehensive study in the English Language

Formal assessment: 60 credits per year

With 45 credits continue into the following year.


The recognition and equivalence of a Veterinary Medicine Degree obtained from the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy Kosice is automatic and immediate. The official graduation ceremony is traditionally held, annually, at the beginning of July. The translation and certification process of your diploma-approximately one(1) month-is fully undertaken by TOMI SCHOOL. Hence, the new scientist, by the middle of August,has equal professional and academic rights with graduates of other European Universities and an internationally recognised degree.

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