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What services TOMI SCHOOL offers

1. Respect, privacy and responsibility.

2. Submission of application and required documentation.

3. Translation of all documentation.

4. Intensive preparatory lessons.

5. The conducting of all entrance examination(s).

6. Personal assistance in the securing of accommodation.

7. Present on the day of the registration process.

8. Consultation lessons during Christmas  and summer vacations all the years of study.

9.Representing the student for the WHOLE duration of their studies.

10. ALL the necessary books for the first year students FREE OF CHARGE.

We at TOMI SCHOOL pride ourselves on the comprehensive service that we uniquely provide. We combine the responsibility and the respectability of a school as well as the effectiveness of an agency. Having facilitated over 4,000 students has ensured that TOMI SCHOOL is rightfully regarded as a leading Educational Organisation

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